Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ready Stock!!! Slaughter Boer

Ready Stock!! Kambing Boer untuk akikah/korban/sembelihan/BBQ etc, average weight 35kg, slaughtering protocol, umur 2 gigi ada 4 gigi pun ada. RM700.00/ekor. Rupa paras slaughter boer di BoerVilla seperti slide gambar dibawah:
Maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi Mel 016-3175930.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Boervilla Pengimport Boer

Kami dengan kerjasama Agrotrus Sdn. Bhd. memiliki kerjasama erat dgn JimBoer Australia, merupakan pengimport kambing Boer berkualiti utk penternak2 tempatan. Kami menawarkan kambing boer berklasifikasi "breeding protocol" terus dari Sydney. Quality dijamin tinggi dengan harga yg sukar dipercayai, paling rendah antara yg terendah. Worth buy!!!
  • Registered Fullblood Buck (Pejantan matang dgn pedigree cert, range berat 60-90kg) RM2800
  • Registered FullBlood Buck (Pejantan matang dgn pedigree cert, range berat 35-45kg) RM2500
  • Registered FullBlood Buck (Pejantan matang dgn pedigree cert, range berat 28-35kg) RM2300
  • Registered FullBlood Doe (Betina matang dgn pedigree cert, range berat 22-30kg) RM2100
  • Unregistered FullBlood Doe (Betina matang tanpa sijil kelahiran, range berat 22-30kg) RM1900
  • Purebred Doe (F5 keatas, range berat 25-30kg) RM1400
  • F4/F5 brown head matured doe (range berat 22-30kg) RM1300
  • F4/F5 white head matured doe (range berat 22-30kg) RM1200
  • F1/F2 matured doe RM750

Kambing under "Slaughtering Protocol" (utk pembelian min 200 ekor):
  • Boer (35kg) RM470
  • feral (30kg) RM410
  • Anak boer lepas cerai susu (Jantan) RM390
  • Anak boer lepas cerai susu (Betina) RM580

Note: Kambing under classification slaughtering protocol adalah kambing2 jantan pelbagai spec yg telah dipotong "anu"nya, hanya utk sembelihan daging. Begitu juga anak2 kambing yg baru lepas cerai susu, hanya utk "fattening program" seterusnya sembelihan daging kecuali anak boer betina. Pembeli boleh terus ambil setibanya di KLIA.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Boer Goat

A brief history of the Boer Goat

The Boer Goat originated in South Africa about 65 years ago where farmers saw the need to improve the meat quality and quantity available from their local goat population. By selective breeding using various breeds of goats they were able to increase the carcass meat percentage at the same time producing an animal that was able to withstand the sunny conditions that prevailed with out developing skin cancers by ensuring that exposed skin was pigmented. The Boer Goat is continually evolving and improving. There are slight variations of the basic animal, while these all conform to the breed standard for Boer Goats there are “types” that may better suit local conditions or local preferences. In general the Boer Goat is a tractable and easy to manage animal showing all the traits required for excellent carcass qualities.


Full blood Boer Goats
The Full Blood Boer Goat is such that all its ancestors trace back to South African Stud Books. There has been a practice in Australia to “grade up” animals to “Pure Bred” status. The term “Pure Bred” is confusing and should be considered carefully, as it is not a good practice to import / export such animals for breeding purposes. This grading up process entails the use of a Full Blood buck over a “base” doe and the resulting females are then classed as 1st cross. Then a Full Blood buck used over these does to produce 2nd cross does, which in turn are put to a Full Blood buck. This process is continued until the 4th cross is reached. Resultant does are then classed as “Pure Bred”. Another cross is required to produce a “Pure Bred” buck. These animals can NEVER become FULL BLOOD at any time, and CANNOT be used to produce FULL BLOOD animals. This breeding system is to be discontinued in the year 2006, and no further Pure Bred animals will be registered.

Stud and commercial classes
Stud animals are those, which are of a quality considered to be best capable of producing the type of animal needed to continue a successful breeding operation and should be the only animals considered where it is desired to produce further stud stock. It should be noted here that the Boer Goat is not yet a completely stable breed and therefore does not guarantee a fully “fixed” type. This applies to all Boer Goats worldwide and is not peculiar to Australian animals!
Commercial animals are Full Bloods, which are not considered “stud quality”.
Crossbred bucks should NEVER be considered for breeding in any circumstance, as they do not carry the required genetic material needed to improve “local” animals to ensure a gain in carcass quality.
The long-term benefit must be the consideration, not short-term price, as this will ultimately fail in the objective of providing improved meat production.



Standard and Red Stud Registers
The Boer Goat register in Australia contains all the registered animals in the Australian herd. Within the registration system there is a separate register for “Standard” coloured animals and for “Red” animals. The Red register contains both red and part red animals for breeders who desire to pursue this option. These registers are the animals contained in the herd book and have been separated to facilitate the divergence of the two sections of the breed. The “Red” Boer Goat is a Full Blood Boer Goat which has been bred from “standard coloured” Boer Goats. This variation has all the same qualities (see breed standard) except that it is “part” red to “full” red in colour. It must be remembered that at this point in the evolution of the Boer Goat the breed is not yet completely stabilized, as are say Angus cattle for example. Therefore, there is the possibility that animals from the “Standard” register will at times produce red or part red offspring from standard coloured Boer Goat matings. This in no way indicates that the sire and dam are not in fact full blood animals. This possibility must be considered when selecting breeding stock, as not all coloured animals are registered or shown in the pedigrees of all standard Boer Goats. Similarly the offspring from a “Red” mating may result in standard coloured kids.
Note. The registration system is being developed for the inclusion of Reds in the overall register showing the colour type of each animal

General Care

It is considered good practise to use scales in a breeding operation to obtain the necessary information required for efficient management. This is especially important when dealing with drenches and especially drugs. Over dosing is obviously wasteful and under dosing will not achieve the desired results. When considering anti-biotics the risk of developing resistance is of major concern throughout the world. Drenches have a similar problem with resistance; but there are other practices that can at least help in controlling these parasites.

Shelter is vitally important in cold wet weather, shade must be provided in summer.
Goats do not like to be wet and must be protected from the wind!
Shelter needs to be in an area that provides dry ground for the goats.


Mating can be at any time that suits individual breeders. In some climates breeding tends to be seasonal. Preferably, does should be mated at an age to kid at about 2 years of age. Kidding at this age allows the doe to mature before being expected to sustain kids to weaning age. One buck to forty does is about the normal maximum ratio.


Problems are not usually encountered during kidding, but does should be observed whenever possible to assist should there be mal-presentation of kids etc. On most occasions twins will be produced, but at times triplets or quads will occur. Unfortunately this is not the benefit that one may be hoping for. With triplets there is generally one that will be pushed aside by bigger and more determined siblings, at the same time the others will not perform as well as if there was only two.

Kids will require protection from predators while young and this must be carried out to suit local situations, as the predators themselves will vary greatly from area to area and therefore the method of control.

Where a breeding operation is on a small scale with expensive stud animals, the kidding does should be brought in close to human activity wherever possible. It has been found on some smaller Australian properties where the predators are nocturnal (generally foxes) it has been beneficial to operate lighting near the kidding paddock on a time switch to turn on and off at varying times during the night. It is essential that the time varies and is not a regular “on / off” period. A broadcast radio playing on an all night station gives the impression that humans are in close proximity. This may not be applicable in all countries or situations. Trapping, shooting and baiting are effective where local laws permit. Vermin proof fencing with strategically placed electric wires is of benefit where only small areas need protecting. The use of dogs or alpacas has also been successful in some areas. Predatory birds such as eagles are a potential problem and can only be dealt with according to local laws.


Weaning of bucks should be carried out at 3 months to prevent them mating with any does, as they can become active at about 4 months. Weaning will cause a temporary setback in growth due to stress, consideration should be given to ensuring that plenty of top quality feed is available at all times and attention to worms is required.

Diseases of goats

Goats are susceptible to a number of diseases common to sheep and goats. With good husbandry practice these should not be of great concern. Should a problem occur, consultation with your local Vet. should be the first contact. With experience, the breeder can handle most occurrences.

“Rumours” abound, for example, “goats are hardy”. In general goats can survive in most situations but do need to have time to adjust to new conditions when moved to a totally new environment.
In cold and or wet conditions goats need shelter and should not be subjected to bare unprotected paddocks. Goats like any other animal require normal animal husbandry to produce to their full potential.

“Goats eat anything”, another fallacy, while goats do eat a wide variety of plants, often including those unpalatable to other livestock, they are selective and must have access to adequate clean and fresh feed at all times suitable to their requirements.

“Goats are impossible to keep in”, goats do have a habit of finding a weakness in fencing, but in general are no harder to contain than most other types of livestock.

While not completely false, the claim that “goats may be added to an existing grazing operation without reducing the stock numbers”, is not necessarily correct. This can occur in exceptional situations but is not normally the case. Where animals are supported entirely on pasture this cannot occur as all the stock is dependant on that same food supply. Care must be exercised when considering this claim.

“Stud goats all look like those that appear in show magazines”. This is rarely the case, as those prepared for shows are generally “over conditioned” and “groomed to excess”. This situation would not occur in normal husbandry. Buyers should not look for this degree of preparation.

“Boer Goats grow at exceptional rates”. This is indeed a fact, but purchasers need to be aware that many producers tend to promote the weight gains for selected animals with a feeding regime that is not viable in a “commercial” operation. This gives an unreasonable expectation for most situations. Bucks may attain weights around 30KG at weaning by 3 months. Does are generally a little lighter. These kids are supplementary fed. By 12 months selected bucks may weigh as much as 95 KG. Again these animals are grain fed and these figures are rarely achievable under normal “commercial” conditions.

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Open Farm" yg happening

27Oct2007 - Alhamdulillah & terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi hadir dan meramaikan majlis "open farm" kami bersama2 network perkambingan mizi associate di kandang Ijok pada sabtu lepas. Dianggarkan sekitar 100 tetamu telah hadir memeriahkan majlis yg bermula seawal 12 tghari dan berakhir sebelum matahari melabuhkan tirainya. Para tetamu dihidangkan dgn kambing panggang berempah, nasi beriani, gulai kambing, gulai ayam, lontong, mee rebus, kuih muih, air kelapa & air tembikai etc. Selain itu tetamu dpt meramah mesra dgn kambing2 boer yg kacak2 & jelita2 selain dari tuan2 kambing sendiri. Akhir kata terima kasih sekali lagi dan kami memohon ampun maaf sekiranya terdapat kekurangan atau cacat cela semasa majlis berlangsung.
Antara tetamu yg hadir antaranya penduduk2 kariah setempat, rakan2 seperkambingan, existing customers, bakal2 penternak, rakan2 yg berminat utk mengenali kambing boer etc.

mel, mizi, mama & joe sedang berbincang apa nak dibuat dgn daging kambing yg dah bertukar menjadi arang tu...

mel & mizi melayan tetamu dari KTL Farm, Segamat.

Sesi beramah mesra dgn kambing2 boer betina F4/F5 purebred & fullblood. Kambing2 tu agak stress asik kena kejar je ngan budak2...hehehe

Joe(yuzalee) & wife sedang melayan tetamu menikmati hidangan.

Zali (mbek-mbek farm) sedang bermain dgn bara api.

ni aku la tgh paksa fullblood stud buck boer yg degil takmo dgr cakap tu turun kandang.

meriah kambing2 ni berpoya2 di atas tanah time ramai penonton dia makin excited la...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jemputan Raya Open Farm @ Ijok

Silalah datang ke open house @ farm Boervilla dan Partners esok, Sabtu 27hb Okt 2007 di kandang Ijok. Lokasi berdekatan Pusat Kesihatan Kecil Bukit Badong, Ijok.
Kalau nak makan kambing panggang, lontong, mee rebus...ha..meh la datang sini. Karaoke pon ada ni. Pasti meriah esok ni. Majlis bermula tengahari. Pukul 2 ptg ada sesi cakap2 ngan tokey2 kambing. Nak tau lebih lanjut pasal kambing boer, penjagaan dan sebagainya..bolehlah kemukakan kemusykilan masa sesi tu nanti.
Sapa-sapa yang nak datang tu..sila rsvp, dan kalau tak jumpa jalan pon, pandai-pandai la gunakan talian hayat ni yer... :

Badul 012-3241460
Mel 016-3175930
Mama 012-2198847
Anchoy 019-3392229

Monday, October 8, 2007

Write up kat Kosmo Ahad

Hi Guys...

Smlm 7 Oct ada write up on our groups kat Kosmo Ahad...kita dah setapak melangkah ke hadapan....syabas..semoga kita sama sama berjaya dlm dunia perkambingan nih!

Boervilla Dah Nak Siap...

6 Oct 2007 - Boervilla hampir siap. Bumbung dah berpasang, slot2 dalam kandang pun dah dibina. Hasil kerja Wak Leman memang tidak mengecewakan.

Boervilla yang dah berbumbung tapi belum bertangga lagi

Tengoklah ketinggian tiang tu. Takyah tunduk2 nak lalu bawah kandang. Hehe..Mizi, tima kasihlah sebab selalu puji tiang Boervilla.

Slot-slot yang sedang dibina dalam kandang, 10'x10' = 4 slot, 20'x10' = 2 slot, selebihnya untuk slot kuarantin

Hasil kerja pertukangan Wak Leman. Ada sapa-sapa nak minta Wak Leman buatkan kandang, bolehlah contact kitorang.

Krew Inspirasi Khasiat di kandang Ijok

6 Oct 2007 - Sebuah program baru bakal ditayangkan di RTM, Inspirasi Khasiat dan krewnya telah datang ke kandang di Ijok untuk menemuramah Mizi tentang khasiat susu kambing dan membuat rakaman bagaimana susu kambing diperolehi dari ibu kambing. Rancangan Inspirasi Khasiat ini bakal memaparkan isu2 kesihatan dan nutrisi yang berkhasiat untuk tubuh. Selain mendapatkan nasihat2 pakar kesihatan, ia juga ada menemuramah orang ramai untuk mengetahui pengetahuan masyarakat tentang amalan pemakanan dan kesihatan. Eh..aku ni dah macam nak promotekan rancangan tv ni pulak. heheh..Bila nak ditayangkan kat tv..tak pasti la pulak. Yang pasti..penggambaran aritu berlangsung dengan lancar. Mizi banyak memberikan info2 menarik psl khasiat susu kambing.

Aku pun ada juga baca info2 pasal susu kambing dalam internet. Khasiat susu kambing menghampiri khasiat susu ibu. Susu kambing dikatakan boleh mencegah penyakit arthitris. Susu kambing juga kaya dengan protein dan vitamin A. Khasiat susu kambing yang disimpan sejuk atau sejuk beku tidak akan berubah kualitinya. Dan ia juga mudah dihadam kerana zarah lemaknya lebih kecil. Eh..korang cariklah sendiri info pasal susu kambing ni dalam internet kalau nak tau lebih lanjut.

Cameraman tengah membuat rakaman kat kandang

Badul tunjuk skill memerah susu kambing.

Mizi ditemuramah oleh krew Inspirasi Khasiat
Krew-krew Inspirasi Khasiat kat kandang Ijok

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Boervilla Hampiri Realiti

29 Sept 2007 - Memang suatu kejutan buat kitorang bila sampai je kat simpang jalan nak masuk ke kandang. Jalan off-road yang selama ini menjadi kerisauan kitorang setiap kali nak ke kandang dah diratakan. Sapa punye kerja yang meratakan jalan tu..terima kasih kami ucapkan. Kalau selama ni jalan berlopak2..berlumpur2..sampai kan lori nak hantar barang ke kandang pun tak boleh masuk...kali ni harap-harap tiada lagi rungutan akan kedengaran (kecuali hujan la..sebab jalan tu dah rata tapi masih tanah merah).

Tengok la jalan yang sebelum ni mencabar..dah rata dan cun, memudahkan kenderaan untuk keluar masuk ke kawasan kandang kitorang.

Sampai kat kandang...hati bertambah teruja bila tengok pembinaan kandang yang sebelum ini cuma tiang-tiang aje yang wujud..dah hampir menjadi kenyataan. Wak Leman, keep up your good work. Eh..tak boleh nak citer la betapa seronok dan tak sabarnya aku nak tunggu dan lihat kandang tu siap sepenuhnya. Dan Boervilla semakin menjadi realiti.

Inilah progres terkini Boervilla. Wak Leman, rasa-rasanya Boervilla boleh siap sebelum raya tak?

Aku ngan Mama poyo je mendengar explanation Wak Leman pasal tiang-tiang tu. Macam paham-paham je.

Lantai yang dah siap dipasang.

Inilah model Boervilla ; Mama & Badul@Nizam

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dugaan Di Bulan Puasa

14 Sept 2007 - Mama, Joe, Azhar, Anchoy dan Badul semua ke KLIA menunggu batch baru boer sampai kol 4 pagi. Hari ke-2 puasa, diorang sahur awal pagi tu. Masing-masing kerja keras pagi tu terutamanya masa pindahkan kambing dari lori ke kandang kat Sg. Tengkorak, Kuala Selangor. Dengan semuanya tak tido satu malam..bayangkan je lah betapa penatnya dorang aritu..dah tu puasa pulak tu. Itu semua dugaan tu untuk dorang semua. Tengok je lah gambar2 kat sini.

Anchoy tengah turunkan kambing dari lori

Mama & Anchoy tengah menarik kambing ke kandang
Inilah tuan punya kambing tu..Azhar
Tengok Mama..kerja keras sungguh aritu walaupun puasa.
Sian....penat ke nyah??

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hang Cangkul

8 Sept 2007 - Hari ni semua dah bersedia untuk turun padang kecuali Anchoy yang kena dok kat opis. Agenda utama, nak ratakan jalan yang lopak2 penuh lumpur dan lecak ala-ala camel trophy challenge tu supaya senang lori nak masuk untuk hantar barang-barang untuk pembinaan kandang. Nasib baik naik Land Rover..(hehehe...nak promote sikit ni) kalau tidak..terpaksa menapak je lah ke kawasan kandang tu.

Inilah rupa jalan yang nak ditambak dan diratakan dengan tanah

Semuanya dah bersedia dengan alatan perang masing-masing. Mama pun tak ketinggalan..tapi lakonan je tu. Hehe. Cuba tengok Azhar yang pakai bengkung untuk protect pinggang dia tu.

Wak Leman dan abang Rosli tengah bancuh simen, nak siapkan rumah pekerja. Seronok tengok rumah tu hampir siap. Tanpa buang banyak masa..sebab takot matahari naik atas kepala, jam pun dah 10.30 pagi..masing-masing cepat capai alatan perang nak mulakan kerja. Aku macam biasalah..jadik mandur, Mama tukang lap peluh.

Kerja-kerja menyimen lantai rumah pekerja dilakukan oleh Abang Rosli.

Inilah Wak Leman yang cool tu..tengah membancuh simen untuk kerja2 simen lantai rumah.

Kalau tengok dari gaya abang-abang gagah perkasa nih (Badul, Joe, Azhar) memang nampak ada ketokohan untuk jadik hang cangkul. Tapi lemau...baru 5 minit..dah pewai. Si Joe..nafas bunyi dah mcm lembu kena sembelih..walhal baru nyangkul 5 minit. Sakit-sakit perut aku ngan Mama gelakkan dia. Si Azhar pulak..siap pakai bengkung..takot sakit pinggang agaknya. Badol pulak cover macho depan Mama langsung tak tunjuk penat..senyum aje.

Badol & Joe mencangkul tanah yang akan digunakan untuk menambak kawasan lecak dan lumpur

Jalan yang berlopak dan berlumpur ditimbus dengan tanah.

Baru 5 minit takkan dah pewai brader??

Kayu-kayu yang tak pakai pun digunakan untuk menampal jalan-jalan yang teruk tu.

Zaiwari menyelesaikan kerja2 terakhir menimbus jalan hari tu

Tak larat nak jalan...naik motosikal la pulak

Kerja-kerja dihentikan pukul 12.30 untuk rehat,
makan tengahari dan solat. Zaiwari pun baru sampai tengahari tu. Lepas makan, kerja-kerja meratakan jalan disambung. Abang si Azhar pun turut serta membanting tulang. Terima kasih kepada Azhar n Bro. yang ringan tulang. Kerja-kerja selesai sekitar jam 5.00 petang. Dalam kepuasan melihat hasil kerja pada hari tu, ada jugak kedengaran rungutan sebab tangan yang halus dan lembut kerja dalam air-cond telah jadik kasar mcm tapak kaki. Kulit yang putih mulus dah jadik hitam legam. Apa saja sanggup dikorbankan...semuanya kerana BoerVilla.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Pillars : Episode 2

7 Sept 2007 - Berbunga hati bila tengok gambar2 yang Mama forwardkan lepas dia buat site visit ke Sg Yu semalam. Ada perkembangan terkini..tiang2 dah siap sepenuhnya. Umah pekerja pun dah nampak ada bumbung..dan saliran ke culvert pun dah siap. Tengoklah gambar2 ni...

Tiang-tiang yang dah siap

Dinding rumah pekerja dah di touch up.

Saliran air ke culvert dari rumah pekerja.

Jalan masuk ke Boervilla. Tah bila JPS tu nak tar.

Ok, nantikan episod seterusnya. Salam dari BoerVilla.