Monday, August 27, 2007

Seharian bersama James&Jeff dari Capricorn

25 Aug 2007 pepagi dah kelam kabut pi Ijok...excited la nak jumpa rep dari Capricorn...
memang berbaloi ar dpt bersemuka sendiri ngan dorang...sesi Q&A bermula around 12..tekebil kebil gak akak nak fahamkan bahasa dorang...adoila...dgr bunyi angin lagi kuar dari perkataan yg keluar...akak kena hadap betul betul muka dorang...baru le paham..yg iyanye one of them memang le sedap mata memandang pon...ha ha ha..mizi siap pesan ngan akak jgn bagi akak dekat ngan jeff...takut jeff sangkut ngan akak...kuang kuangg kuanggg...
kalau takat akak nak pasang telinga....rupa ayam cakap ngan itik je la...nak kena belajo slang Ausie pulak.Banyak le info dpt dari dorang..kalau nak taip dlm blog nih memang tak telarat la kot.Apa apa pun thumbs up to Agrotus..Jeff & James puas hati ngan cara ternakan Mizi& d gang.Walaupun boer tu sume berkurung dlm kandang..sumenye sihat dan cergas belaka..tengok baka la jugak ek...boer tu sume dari baka yg terbaik dari yg terbaik tu ha..James terpesona tengok boer ragut pelepah sawit..
Org sume sibuk layan Jeff & James..Bebe anak akak pi layan suap boer ngan daun sawit...

Jeff awal awal kena jual ngan Jo.ade ke patut kata kita pun makan daun sawit...naya mamat tu..
meriah sungguh kandang ari tu...ptg akak pi Sg Yu pulak bersama ahli rombongan yg lain..ramai jugak yg pi sana..pi jenguk progress kandang kitorang....pi borong ikan fresh kat jeti Sg Yu pun ye jugak..mlmnye pulak akak joint dorang sembang ngan James kat Kelana Medical Centre..1 pg gerak balik pasal mata James dah merah menyala ngantuk takde ampun...akak pun dah flat nak ikutkan...anto wan balik maluri..wan lagi le pulak mamai nye..ngantuk sangat mamat tu..pastu akak sambung pulak kat Desa Pandan ngan group akak..Joe,Anchoy &Azhar...2.30 akak berangkat...Fuhhhh...letih tak terkata..tapi dek semangat tu membara...gagah jugak..anyway memang puas hati dpt info tu sume...thats all for now frens...

Pose bersama penternak penternak boer
Jo,Jeff,James,Zali & Akak le tu

'pergi kedai beli maggi, japgi free akak update lagi'

'pagi pagi goreng mee..kalau nak info lagi sudi sudilah cari kami'..

babai sume

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Boer Goat Breed Standard

The following is an article published in Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia (BGBAA) for our info. Hope this will open up our mind and therefore we will learn something on how to produce high quality Malaysian Boer to be identical or at least not to have huge gap with Aussie's level. Note that although kambing Boer was previously discovered in South Africa in 1900's, they were only imported to Aussie in late 1980's…. See how they managed to developed their high quality product within approximately 20 years. Sori ler dah article ni bahasa omputih, aku kena tulis omputih gak la to BGBAA.

This standard is a guide to breeders and sets down guidelines to encourage the breeding of an improved Boer Goat with increased economic value to commercial goat meat producers. When evaluating Boer goats, productive traits such as conformation, mobility and good structure should always receive priority over aesthetic traits. See this for your easy reference.



A strong, broad head showing character and a quiet disposition. Large brown almond shaped hooded eyes. A strong curved roman nose with flared and wide nostrils with the tip of the nose in line with the lower lip and chin. A strong curved lower jaw rising to meet the upper jaw is ideal. Up to six tooth must show a 100% fit and at 8 tooth may show 6mm protrusion. Permanent teeth must cut in the correct anatomical place. A prominently curved forehead linking up with the curve of nose and horns. Horns should be strong, round, solid and sh
ow colour, be of moderate length and placed moderately apart with a gradual backward curve. Ears should be long, broad, smooth, set in line with the eye and hang downwards from the head.

Characteristic Faults:
Concave forehead, straight, flat or wild horns, pointed jaws, ears folded (lengthwise), stiff protruding ears, short ears, overshot or undershot jaw.

A neck of moderate length in proportion to the length of the body. In does, the neck should come out deep from the chest blending smoothly with the shoulders, be wide in its attachment and rising gracefully to the throatlatch which shows refinement in the female. In males, the neck should be thicker and show skin folds as a sign of masculinity. The chest should be broad with a deep brisket. The shoulder should be well muscled, in proportion to the body and be well fitted to the withers. The withers should be broad and well-fitted (not sharp).

Characteristic Faults:
Very long, thin, or short neck or too loose shoulders.

The Barrel should be long, broad and deep. The ribs must be well sprung and the loins well muscled. The goat should have a broad, fairly straight back and must not be pinched behind the shoulders. A small dip behind the shoulders is acceptable.

Characteristic Faults:
Concave back, slab-sided, cylindrical or pinched behind the shoulder.

The pelvis must be large broad and deep with good length from hip to pin. Well muscled through the rump twist and inner thighs with length through the stitch particularly in bucks. The rump should be slightly sloped. The tail should be straight at the dock and be able to move freely.

Characteristic Faults:
Narrow hips or thurl, rump that slopes too much, wry tail, short from hip to pin, poor muscling particularly in males, short stitch/poor inner thigh development.

The legs should be of medium length and in proportion to the depth of the body. The upper leg should be long in proportion to the cannon bone and well muscled. The legs should be strong and well placed with strong pastern and well formed, coloured hooves. Leg bone should be wide, flat and dry.

Characteristic Faults:
Knock knees, bandy legs, cow or sickle hocks, post legged. Thin or fleshy legs. Weak pasterns and hooves pointing outwards or inwards or too light in colour.

A loose supple skin is essential. Eyelids and hairless parts must be pigmented. All hairless skin (eg. under the tail, round the eyelids and mouth) should have a minimum of 75% pigmentation. Pigmentation may range from light through to dark. Hair should be short, dense and glossy. A limited amount of cashmere will be tolerated during winter months.

Characteristic Faults:
Covering too long and coarse or sparse, fine and open. Pigmentation less than 75%.


Does: Well-formed udder firmly attached with no more than two separate teats on a side.

Bucks: Two reasonably large, well-formed, healthy and equal sized testes in one scrotum. A scrotum with no larger split than 5cm is permissible. The scrotum must be at least 25cm in circumference at maturity.

Characteristic Faults:
Any teat variation of more than two separate teats per side, calabash/bottle teats or pendulous udder. Small testes; a scrotum with more than a 5cm split; scrotal sack with a circumference of less than 25cm at maturity.

The ideal is a medium sized, heavy goat with maximum meat production. A desirable relationship between length of leg and depth of body should be achieved. Kids tend to be longer in the leg.

Characteristic Faults:
Goats too large or too small (pony type)


The Boer goat is a white goat with a fully pigmented red head and white blaze. A full red head is permissible. Uniform shading between light and dark is permissible. The minimum requirement for a stud animal is a red patch of at least 10cm in diameter on both sides of the head, ears excluded. Both ears should have at least 75% red colouring and 75% pigmentation.

The following is permissible:
Head, Neck and Forequarters: A total red colouring is permissible not further than the shoulder blade and on the shoulder not lower than the chest junction.

Barrel, Hindquarters and Belly: Only one patch not exceeding 10cm in diameter is permissible.

Legs: The term ‘legs’ is taken to mean that portion below an imaginary line formed by the chest and the underline. One patch or a number of patches that do not exceed a total area of 5cm in diameter.

Tail: The tail may be red, but the red colour may not continue onto the body for more than 2.5cm.

Red Hair and Covering: Very few red hairs in the white of the coat is permissible from the age of two tooth.

The ennobled Boer Goat is an animal of quality with balance and symmetry and a strong, vigorous appearance. The doe must be feminine, wedging slightly to the front. The buck demonstrates masculinity and is heavier in the head, neck, forequarters and rump.


A doe must have kidded by 2 years of age.


Animals that display any of the following disqualification should not be used for breeding and may not be exhibited:

• Blue eyes.

• Wry, twisted or crooked face or mouth. Parrot mouth.

• Undescended, single or divided testes, monorchid or cryptorchid

Where an animal is highly exceptional in its functional traits and displays an aesthetic fault its exceptional traits should be recognized.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Construction kandang dah start!!!! yieehaaaa

29 July 2007 - pagi2 jam 8 hujan, aku dah gerak ke jejantas sg.buloh. Actually mlm tu dah janji ngan ancoi kol 7 pagi, tapi sebab ujan ancoi pun takbleh gerak so kitorang pakat sambung tido balik la kol 7 tu....tapi aku takleh tido dah & sebelom anak aku bangun baik aku chow dulu. Akhirnya lepak la aku sorang2 kat situ tunggu ancoi sambil melayari internet (free wifi). Ancoi terhegeh2 sampai kol 10 kot, lepas sarap kitorang gerak to Kuala S'gor. OTW tu si openg lak call aku bosan takde xtvt...aku ajak join dia pun ok je padahal memula tu was2 gak dia sebab xtvt menyangkul hahaha.

Disebabkan asik patah2 balik je nak pikap openg lak, kitorang sampai kat site dah tghari buta pastu panas terik lak rupa2nya kat K.S'gor tak ujan pun. Then terus ke rumah jiran terdekat ngan site kitorang, amik keta sorong, cangkul, scoop etc dan bermulalah keje2 menimbus lubang & lopak kat jln masuk ke site. Openg mmg ada gaya pekebun & pemburu siap bawak kasut boot, senapang, lastik, sumpit, tombak, semua jenis alatan perang dia ada hahahahah konon2 nak tembak ayam hutan, tapi sekor pun tak muncul...ayam org bela ada la.

Punyelah panas terik masa menyangkul tu rasa nak terbakar je kulit2 gebu aku ni haaa, engine kereta mmg sentiasa ON je, sebab tetiap 5min menyangkul 10 min dok dlm kreta amik aircond....hahahahah. Tapi openg ni rajin sgt la pulak, so aku ngan ancoi naik segan asik kena aircond je terpaksa la rajin bekerja gak ngan openg hahahahah. Kerja2 menimbus lubang & lopak selesai lebih kurang kol 3.30ptg, sebab nak gerak balik openg nak keje mlm tu. Sempat gak singgah kandang ijok tgk kambing.

12 Aug 2007 - proses mencabot 3 batang pokok sawit dimandorkan oleh pasangan ideal, ancoi & mama :) dorang bertolak dari kl ke site tah pukul brapa tah, tapi yg aku tau back hoe start buat keje dlm kol 12 lebih aaaaa....time tu aku ada kat kalumpang tgh mandi manda berfamilyday hehe. Balik dari kalumpang aku terus pegi site sampai around kol 4.30ptg, and time tu back hoe pun dah balik, rugi aku tak sempat bekenalan ngan cina drebar backhoe tu....ancoi & mama & anak2 mmg tgh bersandiwara lah dlm kebun hahahaha acah je jgn marah aaaaa.Baby anak mama.Mama sedang mengusha apek tu yg cuba menjadi apa ni? kalau korang tak tau gak...tak tau lah aku nak ckp apa.3 batang pokok sawit telah dicabot....inilah tapak kandang boervilla.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Salam Boervilla

Perkenalkan partners aku dalam Boervilla ni. Kitorang ni sumenye dari satu sekolah yang sama, Sek Men Teknik, Kuala Lumpur tahun 1992/93. Happening abis dorang sume ni. Frens, i love u all.

Yang ini namanye Nizam @ Badol. Dia ni kiranye chief Boervilla la. Orangnye nampak serius, tapi sebenarnye kelakar nak mampos.

Ha....yang ni pulak, jejaka konon tampan bergaya..namanye Shahrul Azman @ Anchoy. Mamat ni jiwa-jiwa habis..boleh tangkap leleh kalau sembang dengan dia. Hahahhah.....

Ok, yang ni, ala-ala rocker ni...Joe. Ganas giler tu ngan rambut panjang dan moto beso dia. Masih single and available.

Yang ni pulak..namanye Zaiwari. Baik dan warak orangnye. Hehehe.....

Sapa pulak yang ni? Ini besfren Mama @ Fairos. Pon single jugak..kalau ada yang berkenan bagitau la.

Yang ini aku....salam dari Boervilla untuk semua yang melayari blog ini.
Jumpa lagi...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Satu Ahad Yang Pantas Berlalu

Salam semua....

Ahad, 5 Ogos 2007. Subuh2 lagi aku dah buat morning call untuk partners yang bujang takot terlajak tidur tak bangun pagi tu. Janji nak jumpa pukul 7 pagi, tapi si Joe punyelah liat, morning call aku langsung tak berjawab. Hampeh la lu...

Macam-macam program kitorang aturkan untuk sehari tu. Dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Selangor, kitorang singgah kat sebuah kilang kayu di Sg Buloh. Buat tinjauan sikit untuk bandingkan harga kayu dengan tempat lain. Paling melucukan bila ada adegan pandang memandang....terpaku dengan keayuan si jelita. Hahaha..kelakar giler.

Perjalanan diteruskan ke kandang Mizi di Ijok, Badol dah lama menunggu kitorang kat sana. Sejak rombongan dari Sydney sampai, aku belum ada kesempatan untuk tengok Stud Buck kitorang yang bernama Mafia tu. Hari tu, memang kitorang plan untuk mandikan si Mafia yang rugged tu. Aku dan Mama lah yang ambil tugas tu...sental-sental badan dia, pakai shampoo..wangi je Mafia lepas mandi hari tu. Lepas tu Mafia kena ambil suntikan vitamin. Lagi sekali aku yang jadik doktor hari tu.

Joe and Azhar melalui pengalaman baru hari tu sebab kena bergelumang dengan kambing-kambing yang ada masalah kecederaan dan luka. Nampak macam dah profesional je dorang tu.
Kitorang singgah kejap ke Sg Yu, tanah dimana kitorang bakal dirikan kandang tak lama lagi. Eh, tak sabar rasanye nak lihat kandang kitorang sendiri. Aku membayangkan bila kandang kitorang siap nanti..dengan kambing-kambing kitorang. Seronoknya.......kawasan kat situ pun nyaman je..angin sepoi2 bahasa..sampaikan Mama terlena sekejap sementara partners yang lain meninjau-ninjau kawasan tanah sebelum acara pecah tanah minggu depan.

Ahad tu aku rasa terlalu cepat masa berlalu..dengan pelbagai pengalaman baru yang kitorang kutip. Nak citer kat sini..panjang sangat..tengok je lah gambar-gambar ni.